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Automated wet process equipment

Automated Wet Process Equipment


JST’s Fully Automated Stations with or without Wafer Transfer

Whether processing 6″, 8″, or 12″ wafers or a combination, JST can design an automated wet process tool to meet your needs. Multiple platforms are available as well as a combination acid and/or solvent tool.

Multitasking is based on look ahead scheduling to ensure optimal throughput. Just load your cassettes and press the recipe start button and let the process begin.

Multiple automation platforms are available depending on your space constraints. JST offers front robots, rear robots or overhead robots with either front or side loading. Optional turntables are available for ergonomic side loading as well as rear access for ease of maintenance.

Configuration  Front Robot  Rear Robot
 Rear Maintenance Access  v
 Side Load/Unload   v   v
 Front Load/Unload   v   v
 HEPA Filters   v
 GEM/SECII   v   v
 Single Wafer Transfer or Batch Wafer Transfer   v
 Semi-Automated   v
 First in First Out or Multi-tasking   v   v
 IPA Vapor Dryer   v   v


Batch Wafer Transfer

Single Wafer Transfer from FOUP







  • Available Acid or Solvent Processes
  • Single Wafer or Batch Transfers
  • Optional Cassette Stocker
  • Multiple Load/Unload Ports
  • Optional Wafer Scribe Reader
  • Optional Notch/Flat Aligner
  • Wafer Counting/Mapping
  • RFID Reader to Recipe Select
  • Data Logging & Trending

For PDF Click Here >> Fully Automated Station

The Tigress – Semi Automated System

Single or Dual Processes

Tigress2-pic             The-Tigress-two-tank-system

JST’s two axis, front to back automated system is a compact, semi-automated system for processes that require uniformity without the high price tag. The Tigress is designed to minimize exhaust requirement, chemical usage, electricity as well as nitrogen and water.

JST’s GENII intuitive Software features data logging, data trending, multiple recipes, user defined recipe and bath names, triple tiered security, drop down menus, troubleshooting error screens as well as language selection built in.

Standard Features

• Footprint Reduction
• Automatic Process Control
• Increased Maintenance Access
• Reduced Exhaust Required
• Slide out panels for electrical access
• Slide out transfer system for easy maintenance
• Lower slide out drawer for servo motor access
• Removable front panel for easy upgrades
• Intuitive POS Software


For PDF Click Here >> Tigress Station


Shown here is a fully automated dual 200 mm Solvent Liftoff with JST’s newest GENII Software.

Whether your metal lift off  or resist stripping process demands a fully automated process or simply a manual configuration, JST’s Lift Off / Resist Stripping Stations offer dry to dry, cost effective solutions for the removal of residual metals.The wafer cassette is loaded onto the agitation arm and submersed into a heated solvent bath. The unit is programmed for mechanical agitation. During this agitation cycle, the stripping solvent is recirculated through the reservoir where it is filtered and returned to the agitation bath. This continual filtration prevents redeposition of the metals onto the wafers. A removeable filter is located in the solvent reservoir to capture the heavy lift off metals for easy reclaim. Once the cycle is completed, the stripping solvent is drained back to the reservoir where it is again filtered through a submicron filter and kept heated to temperature for use in the next cycle.

The wafers are then sprayed with a second solvent to make sure all metal stringers that bridge the edge of the photoresist profile to the device are removed. Once this cycle is complete, the wafers are thoroughly rinsed in a clean solvent (IPA or acetone) and then dried in JST’s patented CLV Dryer, eliminating the need for a DI water rinse.

JST’s patented CLV Dryer uses pure, IPA vapor to cleanse the wafers and displace any residual rinse liquid. The dryer then pulls a vacuum to remove the vapors and the tank is backfilled with argon or nitrogen to provide a safe operator environment for wafer removal. A final DI water rinse is available if needed prior to spin drying.

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