Chemical Waste Systems

JST chemical waste systems are designed to safely manage acid, base, and solvent waste chemicals in laboratory or cleanroom environments. The waste systems consist of 30/55 gallon drum cabinets, chemical waste pump carts, and chemical waste pH neutralization systems–each designed for long term reliability requiring minimal maintenance.  Whether collecting a single chemistry or several chemistries from multiple wet benches, JST offers many chemical waste system options to meet your needs. As with all JST products, they come with our standard 24/7 Technical Support.

Solvent, Acid Or Base Chemical Waste Unit (CWU)


JST’s Chemical Waste Unit (CWU) is available using drums for chemical storage as well as collecting used chemistry from wet benches or laboratory areas. JST’s Automatic CWUs holds up to three separate chemicals and collects them from multiple wet benches. Rollers are provided to easily load and unload drums.  Solvent, Acid, and Base Chemical Waste Units are available.  

pH Neutralization System


JST’s Chemical Waste pH Neutralization System provides a batch collection reservoir which can be located inside of a standalone system or integrated within a wet bench at the point of use.  Chemistries are drained into the reservoir where acidic or basic solutions are automatically added and mixed to a programmable pH setting.  Auto draining of chemistry upon reaching the programmable pH setting is available.

Chemical Waste Pump Cart


JST’s Chemical Waste Pump Cart is a safe, portable way to collect chemicals from multiple wet benches.  These self-contained carts can hold disposable chemical containers, reusable reservoirs, or pressure vessels. Chemical is collected from the wet bench using an integrated pump. The carts are cleanroom compatible and pneumatically powered requiring no electrical service.