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JST’s AutoAutomated Box Washer Cleaning Systemmated Cleaning System is a self-contained unit designed for cleaning and drying of substrate handling products for silicon or disk drive components. The product is placed onto racks. The racks are loaded into the system’s process chamber for cleaning, rinsing and drying cycle. Color Touchscreen control provides status information and allows operators to select and program process recipes. There is no need for any operator intervention during the process.

JST Automated Cleaning Systems and integral components are designed for long term reliability requiring minimal maintenance. Only reliable, quality, clean room approved components are utilized. Mechanical components for each workstation are designed and manufactured at JST’s production facility. Experienced field service personnel provide design insights and reviews to ensure that optimum maintainability of the station has been incorporated.

• Lead Frames
• SMIF Pods
• Shipping Boxes
• Single Wafer Cassetts

• 304L / 316L Stainless Steel
• Purged Electrical Enclosures
• Exhaust Monitor Arm Failure Alarm
• DIW and N2 Spray Bars
• Recirculating HEPA Filters
• Interlocking Doors
• Liquid Level Sensors

• Flexible Chamber Sizing
• Halar Coated Chamber
• Dynamic Spray Bars
• Multiple Chemical Supply Reservoir
• GEM II / SECS Communications
• Additional IR Heater to Reduce Dry Time

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acid parts cleaner

JST’s automated Acid Parts Cleaner is an automated station for cleaning multiple parts including platens at once. Just load the parts and let the system do the cleaning. Parts are lowered into the tank where acid is transferred from a holding reservoir to soak the parts while the arm agitates. Once cleaned, the acid can be dumped or sent back to the reservoir where it is filtered and ready for reuse. Next, the product is rinsed using DI water and air dried.

For PDF Click Here >> Automated Acid Cleaning Station

JST’s Bell Jar Chamber Cleaner utilizes a proven chemical spray process increasing your Reactors up time.

Standard Features

• Oscillating Chemical & DI Water Spray Manifolds
• On Board Chemical Storage Reservoirs with Filtration
• Purged Electrical Compartments
• Secondary Containment with Leak Detection
• Meets All Applicable SEMI Safety Codes
• Safety Interlocked Sliding Seal Doors
• PLC Recipe Driven Control
• Factory Mutual 4910 Listed Materials
• Exhaust Failure Alarms

Optional Features

• PLC Control and Operator Interface
• DIW Flush System
• Fire Suppression Systems
• SEMI S2 Certification
• CE Marking
• 3rd Party Electrical Inspections
• Clear PVC Windows
• Drain Switching for Water Reclaim
• Chemical Reservoirs and Recirculation Pumps

Full spray coverage ensures uniform etching and thorough rinsing of the bell jar and process chamber.

bottlewash copy2

JST’s Bottle Wash is designed for simplified washing of acid bottles prior to disposal. Just put the bottles in and load the caps in the cap sink and turn on the cycle. Bottles are washed, rinsed and air dried. Available in multiple bottle sizes or as a single bottle wash incorporated into one of JST’sWorkstations.

Construction Materials

• White Polypropylene
• FM Approved Materials

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JST’s Chemical Workstations are designed for use as an exhausted work surface for laboratory applications. Even airflow is provided across the worksurface. The worksurface is liquid tight maintaining a dry storage area below the surface. This storage area is accessed through hinged doors in the front. The station features fluorescent lighting above the work area in the headcasing which is accessed by sliding doors as well as a GFI duplex outlet located in the front section.

Standard Features

• Heavy Duty Casters
• Leg Levelers
• Fluorescent Lighting
• Seismic Anchors
• 304L Stainless Steel
• White Polypropylene FM Approved Materials

Optional Features Include 

• Counterbalanced, Clear Shield
• Flexible PVC Shield
• Lower Storage Area Exhaust
• Nitrogen or Airl Inlet with Handspray
• DI Water Handspray
• Welded in sink with dedicated drain
• Sectioned or perforated work area
• Drip Pan in Lower Storage Area
• Additional GFI Outlets
• CO2 Fire Suppression
• Drawers
• Sit Down Worksurface

For PDF Click Here >> Chemical Workstation

JST’s Fume Hood Workstations are made to provide an operator safe environment when working with volatile chemistries.

Rinse and process baths can be added supported on removable bars. Electrical controllers, switches and flow meters are located in a purged, hinged headcasing for making quick adjustments.

JST’s Fume Hood Workstations are designed for ease of maintenance, flexibility and safety. Low exhaust requirements reduce facility costs. These units are designed to be incorporated withJST’s process and rinse baths to customize a workstation to your particular application. Let JST’s experienced engineering staff help you configure a system that is just right for you.

Standard Features

• Removable Sloped Decks
• Purged Electrical Compartments
• Exhaust Failure Alarms
• Emergency Power Off
• Secondary Containment
• Lockout/Tagout Box
• Heavy Duty Casters
• Leg Levelers
• Leak Proof Plenums
• Isolated Electrical Raceways
• Fluorescent Lighting
• Seismic Anchors
• White Polypropylene
• FM Approved Materials

Optional Features Include 

• Rear Access Compartment
• Front Roll Switches
• Dedicated Drains
• Fire Suppression System
• SEMI S2 Certification/CE Marking
• 3rd Party Electrical Inspections

For PDF Click Here >> Fumehood Stations


JST’s Glove Box was designed for solvent cleaning of critical parts using pressure sprays. It has two onboard reservoirs and chemistry is filled via JST’s bulk chemical delivery system. A distillation unit is provided for chemical reclaim.

Parts are loaded via a cart that docks onto the side of the cabinet and safely unloads the parts.

Let JST help you provide a safe working environment for your cleaning personnel, whether CO2 cleaning, solvent cleaning or other hazardous cleaning requiring operator and cleaning separation.

JST’s Quartz Horizontal Tubewash Station allows etching and washing of quartz tubes and miscellaneous quartz components. The unit includes two baths which are identical except one unit comes equipped with a rotation  system. This rotation system provides a uniform cleaning process while minimizing chemical usage by rotating the tubes during the cleaning cycle. The process is controlled by an industrial grade PLC with a touch screen user interface for starting and stopping the process and for setting parameters. Adjustable recipe parameters allow for further flexibility.

The exhausted plenum area provides secondary containment as well as housing for the process baths, chemical reservoir and plumbing components.  Process fumes are pulled down and around the baths into the plenum area and out through the facility exhaust.  Operator controls are conveniently located at eye level.  Electrical and pnuematic controls are located in a purged headcasing for safety and are readily accessible through the hinged front panel.  Valves, filter and pumps are located behind the front access panels for easy serviceability.

The Process 

Load the quartz tube and start the cycle. The tube rotates while the filtered chemical is pumped into the tube. The cycle continues until the predetermined timer expires. The chemical is then filtered and drained into the reservoir for future use. DI water is sprayed on and in the tube, the drain closes and DI water covers the tube and begins a cascade flow for a timed period. Once the cycle is complete, a dump door opens and rapidly drains the rinse water. DI water is sprayed on the tubes for a final rinse. Once completed, hot nitrogen is sprayed to dry the tubes.



Standard Features

• 114″ wide x 38″ deep by 75″ high
• WPP Tongue & Groove Construction
• Triple Welded Plenum
• Etch/Rinse Bath with Tube Rotation
• DI Spray Rinse
• DI Water Quick Dump
• Nitrogen & DI Handsprays
• Filtered Recirculation System
• Chemical Reservoir
• Emergency Power off
• Exhaust Failure Alarm
• 208V 20 amp Load Center

For PDF Click Here >> Quartz Tubewash

mit-manipulator-cleaning-cart-good-copyJST’s Teardown Workstations provide an exhausted work area to perform manual cleaning of items having a buildup of toxic residue.  The enclosed work area is designed to draw hazardous fumes away from the operator and through the rear exhaust plenum.   The counter balanced front shield provides effortless access to the work area while closing off the area when not in use.

Shelves, upper storage area and drawers all provide plentiful storage for tools and cleaning supplies.  The exhausted lower compartment houses a 4.5 gallon capacity vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration and a waste receptacle.  Both the vacuum cleaner and waste receptacle are on slide out drawers to provide easy access. Switches for lighting and vacuum control are located within easy reach on the front of the station along with electrical GFCI outlet receptacle for additional power tools.

The workstations are constructed of 304L stainless steel and provide a stable work surface to support heavy parts while being cleaned in a well lit work area.  A flush trap door in the work surface provides trouble free access to the waste receptacle below.  The standard nitrogen hand spray gun is mounted on a coiled Teflon hose which recoils when not in use.

JST workstations deliver long term reliability with little maintenance required.  Customized options  and sizes are available.

Standard Features:

  • E.D. lighting
  • 304L Stainless steel shell
  • 5 gallon HEPA vacuum cleaner
  • Two nitrogen hand sprays
  • Sliding counter balanced face shield
  • Roll out platforms
  • Nitrogen purged electrical compartment
  • Trap door access to waste receptacle
  • Heavy duty casters and leg levelers
  • Frontroll mounted on/off switches
  • Exhausted lower trash and vacuum cleaner compartment

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