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Surface Tension DryerJST’s Combination Rinse and STG Dryer is capable of Quick Dump Rinsing (QDR) and IPA vapor drying substrates in a single chamber eliminating air contact. The STG Dryer is able to dry both hydrophobic and hydrophilic wafers with low particle adders (

Full QDR rinsing capability includes top sprays, high flow laminar bottom fill / cascade overflow, and funneled bottom to a quick dump valve for fast draining. Ambient IPA vapor is generated and mixed with high purity nitrogen and delivered to the chamber for the drying. Programmable Ionized N2 is also delivered to the chamber for low particle performance during the IPA Vapor process. This provides for an inert environment while the product is being dried and minimizes surface charges on the substrates. High Purity Heated N2 is also provided as the final drying step. An automated pneumatically power lid remains closed during the dry process

The STG Dryer reduces damage and particles common with spin dry processes. The STG Dryer will consume less IPA than traditional IPA Dryers. It also allows for rinsing and drying in a single chamber reducing the overall footprint in the cleanroom.

The combo rinse dryer is available as a standalone module or integrated into a JST automated station.


  • Semiconductors
  • Flat Panel Displays
  • MEMS
  • Optics


  • FM4910 PVDF Construction
  • Pneumatic Auto lid
  • Touchscreen Control with JST GEN II Software and recipe generation
  • All components Class 1 Div 2 rated or Purged per NFPA 496
  • Ambient IPA Vapor Generator with Low IPA Usage


  • PFA or 316 Electropolished Stainless Steel Construction
  • Flexible Chamber Sizing
  • HF, HCL, H2O2, NH4OH, or other chemical injection in the rinse water for surface cleaning / preparation before dry.
  • GEM II / SECS Remote Host Communications

For PDF Click Here >> Surface Tension Gradient Dryer (STG)

JST’s “CLV” Dryer utilizes a patented, environmentally friendly, ultra clean technology for precision drying of silicon wafers, III-V Compound wafers,  glass substrates, disk drives, optic lenses and many other products.

Precision drying is critical for maintaining the cleaning process. JST’s CLV is a hybrid of two proven technologies: vacuum drying and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) drying. JST’sCLV Dryer utilizes the best features of both in an effective closed loop process. Ultra clean vapor is remotely generated and then introduced into a sealed drying chamber. The closed loop system allows fresh IPA vapor to rinse the surface to be dried,  penetrating the surface areas and absorbing the moisture. A low pressure vacuum pulls any remaining moisture from the sealed chamber and away from the product being dried.

• 10 Minute Dry Cycle with Quartz Low Profile Cassettes
• Average 66 cc IPA per Cycle
• Particle Neutral Drying to 0.16

At the end of the drying cycle the chamber is backfilled with argon or nitrogen gas so that the cleaned, dried product is removed from a virtually inert atmosphere.


  • Charcoal Filter
  • Color User Interface Panel
  • Bulk Chemical Dispense


  • Meets FM Requirements
  • No Vapor Present during Load/Unload
  • Sealed Vessel with Closed Loop Process
  • Low Emissions (less than 1 lb per day)
  • Indirect Heating of IPA
  • CO2 Fire Suppression System
  • Automated Lid with Safety Interlocks
  • Meets NFPA Class I Div II

Drying Aplications

  • Silicon Wafer
  • III-Compound Wafer
  • MEMS
  • Glass Substrates
  • Disk Drives
  • Optics and more

Facility Requirements  

  • Industrial Grade PLC
  •  Modular design for quick replacements and minimal down time
  • Interactive Touch Screen Interface
  • Alarm Indicator Screens for easy troubleshooting
  • Multi-level Menu Design
  • Flexible process adjustment
  • Visual process flow during recipe operation
  • Multi level security structure
  • Independent CO2 Fire


  • Industrial Grade PLC
  • Modular design for quick replacements and minimal down time
  • Interactive Touch Screen Interface
  • Alarm Indicator Screens for easy troubleshooting
  • Multi-level Menu Design
  • Flexible  Process Adjustment
  • Visual process flow during recipe operation
  • Multi level Security Structure
  • Independent CO2 Fire Protection

For PDF Click Here >> CLV Dryer


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