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Chemical Workstations are designed for use as an exhausted work surface for laboratory applications. Even airflow is provided across the worksurface. The worksurface is liquid tight maintaining a dry storage area below the surface. This storage area is accessed through hinged doors in the front. The station features fluorescent lighting above the work area in the headcasing which is accessed by sliding doors as well as a GFI duplex outlet located in the front section.


Standard Features

• Heavy Duty Casters
• Leg Levelers
• Fluorescent Lighting
• Seismic Anchors
• 304L Stainless Steel
• White Polypropylene
• FM Approved Materials

Optional Features Include 

• Counterbalanced, Clear Shield
• Flexible PVC Shield
• Lower Storage Area Exhaust
• Nitrogen or Air Inlet with Handspray
• DI Water Handspray
• Welded in sink with dedicated drain
• Sectioned or perforated work area
• Drip Pan in Lower Storage Area
• Additional GFI Outlets
• CO2 Fire Suppression
• Drawers
• Sit Down Work Space

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Manual wet stations shown below are designed to be configured with JST’s process and rinse baths to provide a station that is just right for you.

vlf side view new 2

Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation (VLF)

JST’s VLF is designed for manual processing of 6″ or smaller wafers in a class 1,000 environment. The headcasing houses the electrical controls and is nitrogen purged. The Emergency Power Off (EPO) is located in the headcasing and shuts the power down if exhaust fails. These units have been certified to meet industrial ventilation requirements thru ASHRAE testing.

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FH with ergo 2 Fumehood Design with Ergo Column

JST’s fumehoods are modular in design and made to provide a safe environment when working with volatile chemistries. The fumehood profile encloses the entire work area. A counter balanced front shield design makes for ease in raising and lowering the shield. Low CFM exhaust reduces facility costs.The unit above is shown with an ergo column to meet SEMI requirements for reaching controls.

For PDF Click Here >> Fumehood Stations

Spinner-Hotplate-WorkstationJST’s Spinner and Hot Plate workstations are designed for ease of use and service. Spinner modules and/or Hot Plate modules are mounted in a sealed deck area with easily accessible storage and maintenance thru hinged doors. A stainless steel enclosure is nitrogen purged and interlocked with a pressure sensor for safety. The lower exhausted storage has a secondary slide out containment drawer with optional JST re-usable or disposable DOT approved waste carboys. Carboys are equipped with full level sensing and quick disconnects.

Remote controls are mounted in the nitrogen purged headcasing or optional on the front roll.

Spinner Reliability is ensured with the an indirect drive system which protects the spin motor from chemicals. Vacuum and lid interlock are provided.

The bowl is Teflon. Options include polyethylene or Teflon liners. Drain and exhaust ports are located in the bottom of the bowl. Multiple spinner chucks and alignment fixtures are provided. Automated resist dispense, backside rinse, and edge bead removal are also optional.

Baking Hot Plates come with optional purge for an inert bake environment. Auto detect sizing is standard for the bake plate. Three automated bake recipes: contact, vacuum, and proximity are standard. Ramping control, 0.3% temperature uniformity across the surface and 0.1o C temperature resolution are all standard.

CO2 Fire Suppression Systems are optional.


IMG_3051Available Options

• Teflon POU Filtered N2 Hand Spray
• Teflon DI Recirculating Hand Spray
• Hand Eye Wash
• Vacuum Wands w/ Interchangeable Pucks
• Beaker Dry Rack
• Cup Sink
• Bottle Holders
• Optional Filtered LEDs
• Explosion Proof Receptacle



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