Constant Temperature Bath

JST’s constant temperature bath is designed to maintain accurate temperature control, uniform recirculation flow, and particle removal.  The recirculated chemistry enters the bath from the bottom, flows evenly across the substrates, and then cascades over a four sided weir. The chemistry temperature is controlled by a remote heat/chiller unit using closed loop heat transfer coils that maintain the temperature in the bath or with a solid state inline heat exchanger.

Constant Temperature Bath - Standard Features

  • Material Options: Natural Polypropylene, PVDF, PFA, or 316L Stainless Steel
  • PLC controlled with color touchscreen
  • Programmable temperature, recirculation flow rate, and process time.
  • Full liquid level detection
  • Sloped bottom to drain
  • 4 sided serrated overflow weir
  • Temperature Range 5º C- 40º C /- .5º.
  • High purity Teflon DIW plumbing
  • Teflon air operated valves
  • 10” inline filter housing
  • Pneumatic Bellows Recirculation Pump
  • Dispersion cassette platform
  • Customizable to fit product
Constant Temperature Bath

Constant Temperature Bath - Optional Features


  • HF or BOE Oxide Etch
  • Metal Etch
  • Mixed Acid Etch
  • Dilute Sulfuric Peroxide (DSP or DSP+)
  • Developer
  • GaAs or Compound Semiconductor Etch