PVDF or Natural Polypro Ambient Static Bath

Heated Static Bath

Ambient Static Baths incorporate coved corners for cleanliness and a sloped bottom.

JST’s Ambient Static Baths incorporate coved corners for cleanliness and a sloped bottom with 3/4″ port to assure quick and complete draining. Baths are available in electroplished 316L stainless steel, PVDF, PFA (Teflon) and polypropylene. Material selection is based on chemical compatibility and process application.

JST’s process baths are designed to be installed in a JST process shell, either manual or automated. Shell designs available are the EWS, VLF and Fumehood for manual work stations and Linear Transfer or Rotary for automated tools. 

Ambient Static Bath Controller

Controls consist of a microprocessor based stand alone timer that is programmable to count up or down in minutes and seconds. Timer setting is 0-9999 minutes. A programmable Pre Alarm sends an audio warning prior to the timer period being completed. An auto alarm sounds at end of cycle.

Available Features

• Manual Lid
• Process Timer
• Air Operated Teflon Drain Valve
• Air Toggle Drain Switch
• Liquid Level Keep Full
• Auto Chemical Fill
• Auto Lid
• Auto Chemical Mixing
• Serrated Overflow Edges

Available Materials

• Natural Polypropylene
• Molded Teflon
• Stainless Steel