Ambient Static Baths incorporate coved corners for cleanliness and a sloped bottom.

JST’s Quick Dump Rinser supplies deionized (DI) water from the bottom of the bath through ports that direct the flow up and across the product’s surface. This upward flow lifts the particles and chemicals away from the product and over the four sided overflow weir. After the short overflow cycle, the bottom dump door opens and quickly dumps the rinse water. At the same time, top mounted sprays keep the product wet with fresh, clean DI water during the dumping process. The quick dump rinse is followed by a high flow cascade rinse to ensure all chemical and particulate is removed.


A touch screen PLC offers flexibility in creating specific rinsing routines and has the ability to set the number of rinse and dump cycles. Timers are included for programming high flow cascade cycle times. An automatic self-cleaning cycle flushes and purges the quick dump plumbing valves and DI water manifold to eliminate bacterial growth.

Basic Features

  • Programmable Rinsing Routines
  • Ability to Set the Number of Fill & Dump Cycles
  • Rinse Timer for High Flow Cascading
  • Automatic Self Cleaning Cycles
  • PVDF Construction

Optional Features

  • Natural Polypropylene
  • Stainless Steel
  • Resistivity Monitoring
  • DI Water Reclaim
  • Flowmeter for Volume Control
  • Hot DI Water