Quartz Heated Filtered Bath / Optional Megasonics

Heated Static Bath

JST’s Static Heated Baths are designed to maintain uniform temperature for processing while meeting NEC and SEMI standards for safety. Quartz and 316L grade stainless steel tanks have the heating element bonded to the outer walls, insulated and contained with an outer shroud. The heating element in the double wall housing is N2 purged and monitored for additional safety for solvent applications. PVDF and Teflon tanks have submersible Teflon coated heaters resting in the bottom of the tank.

Static heated bath controller

A proportional controller using a Type J RTD temperature probe controls the bath temperature. The controller has a programmable temperature and timer. An audio alarm sounds if the bath goes out of the specified operating temperature. In an over temperature condition the controller will turn off the heaters. A heating element snap switch protects an over temperature condition in case the controller or probe fails. A liquid level detection monitors the chemistry level in the bath to keep a safe operating level.

Basic Features

• Temperature Range 40º C- 120º C /- .5º
• Thermocouple, type J Teflon coated Temperature probe
• Programmable Temperature Controller with Timer
• Liquid Level detection
• Semi and NEC compliant
• 1″ Sloped Drain Port
• Dedicated Air Operated Drain Valve

Optional Features

• Condensing Cooling Coils
• Liquid Level Keep Full
• Auto Fill
• N2 heater purged monitor interlocked to EPO
• Dedicated drain to carboy or house facility
• Hinged Automated Lid or Manual Lid


• Quartz
• Teflon
• 316L Stainless Steel