KOH Etch

KOH etches silicon depending on the concentration of the KOH solution and temperature. JST can manufacture for your company a manual or automated wet bench that can control these two parameters with extreme precision. Inline heaters work to control the bath temperature to 0.1°C of actual set temperature while an onboard ABB unit can actively monitor the concentration of the bath and relay the information to the wet bench PLC. Active dosing of chemical takes place if concentration falls below the set point or DI Water is added if bath is too concentrated.

JST has a Class 10 Applications Lab that enables our customers to develop processes using real world process tools, modules and chemicals. This coupled with our partnerships with various chemical vendors allows JST to collaborate and develop cleaning solutions for our customers.

All of JST’s wet bench equipment and lab furniture is designed with safety, reliability and productivity in mind. Our wet processing benches feature a modular design that meets all Semi, CE, NFPA and OSHA requirements. All cleanroom furniture is designed for safe, convenient, clean, and efficient performance in cleanroom environments Our expertise in manufacturing wet bench, cleanroom furniture and accessories includes onsite plastics and metal fabrication as well as mechanical and electrical assembly. As with all JST manual or automated wet benches, they are designed for ease of maintenance activities and comes with our standard 24/7 Technical Support.