Photoresist Stripping Post Ash Clean Post Implant Resist Strip Post Etch Resist Strip Optional SC1

In the photoresist strip process, or otherwise referred to as ‘resist stripping’, unwanted photoresist layers are removed from the wafer. Its objective is to eliminate the photoresist material from the wafer as quickly as possible, without allowing any surface materials under the resist to get attacked by the chemicals used.

There are a number of wafer cleaning techniques or steps employed to ensure that a semiconductor wafer is always free of contaminants and foreign materials as it undergoes the wafer fabrication process.  Different contaminants have different properties, and therefore have different requirements for removal from the wafer.   

Wet inorganic strippers, which are also known as oxidizing-type strippers, are used for inorganic stripping, usually to remove photoresist from non-metallized wafers, as well as post-baked and other hard-to-remove resists.  Inorganic strippers are solutions of sulfuric acid and an oxidant (such as hydrogen peroxide), heated to about 150 °C. JST accomplishes this task by using quartz baths equipped with mat heaters capable of very precise temperature control along with the use of quartz wafer carriers.

JST has a Class 10 Applications Lab that enables our customers to develop processes using real world process tools, modules and chemicals. This coupled with our partnerships with various chemical vendors allows JST to collaborate and develop cleaning solutions for our customers.

All of JST’s wet bench equipment and lab furniture is designed with safety, reliability and productivity in mind. Our wet processing benches feature a modular design that meets all Semi, CE, NFPA and OSHA requirements. All cleanroom furniture is designed for safe, convenient, clean, and efficient performance in cleanroom environments Our expertise in manufacturing wet bench, cleanroom furniture and accessories includes onsite plastics and metal fabrication as well as mechanical and electrical assembly. As with all JST wet benches, they are designed for ease of maintenance activities and comes with our standard 24/7 Technical Support.


Photoresist Strip Process Steps