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JST’s Manufacturing has the expertise and experience to design a cleaning solution to meet your most challenging cleaning application. Whether brush cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning or spray under immersion cleaning, JST can provide equipment that cleans, rinses and dries your products cost effectively. Our applications lab is available to help define and prove in your cleaning process. Whether working with solvents or aqueous based solutions, our equipment is guaranteed to meet local fire and electrical safety codes.

LLNLThis two tank automated cleaner was designed to brush clean pallets with solvents and then blow dry.


IBM Quad

Designed to clean small to large, 300 pound laser optics at Lawrence Livermore Labs NIF Facility.


open 100100 Ultrasonic Cleaner

JST’s 100 Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner is self contained, fully automated roll in unit designed for precision parts cleaning.

Place the parts into the dry bath and select your recipe. The parts are cleaned, rinsed and dried according to your preset parameters within the recipe. The heated ultrasonic overflow bath and support plumbing perform highly effective, reliable cleaning using a wide variety of organic solvents and aqueous surfactant solutions.

The primary cleaning chemistry is filtered and stored in the reservoir for use in subsequent cleaning cycles. Washed parts are rinsed using full coverage DI water sprays and cascade DI water rinsing. Clean, hot filtered air or nitrogen dries the parts. The process is controlled by an industrial grade PLC for starting and stopping themachine and setting parameters.One recipe is provided. Time and temperature are adjustable parameters. A real time graphical process display let you know your cleaning status.

100 cleaner Standard Features  

• Di Cascade Rinsing
• Hot Nitrogen Drying
• Completely enclosed
• Automatic Lid
• Cup Sink Full
• Stainless Steel Reservoir
• Modular
• Roll-out Electrical Compartment for Easy Access
• Access doors for easy Filter changes
• Secondary Fluid Containment
• Sealed, Purged and Cooled Electrical Area

Optional Features

• CO2 Fire Suppression System
• Multiple Ultrasonic Frequencies

• 40 kHz
• 72 kHz
• 104 kHz
• 170 kHz

• Customized Bath sizes
• Additional Reservoirs for Multiple Chemistries
• Hot DI Water
• Multiple Recipes
• Parts Baskets

For PDF Click Here >> 100 Ultrasonic Cleaner

300 Ultrasonic3300 Ultrasonic Cleaner

JST’s 300 Ultrasonic Cleaner is a self contained, fully automated roll in unit designed for critical cleaning of sensitive parts. 

JST’s 300 Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner is loaded with features that make this self contained, fully automated tool ideal for messy parts cleaning. Just open the lid and place the parts into the dry bath. Select one of ten recipes to start the cleaning process. Parts are submersion cleaned with ultrasonics and filtration followed by a spray and overflow rinse. Hot nitrogen blowoff completes the final dry cycle.

Standard features include one heated reservoir with filtration, automatic lid, cup sink fill and PLC control. Secondary containment as well as sealed and purged electrical enclosures make this the ideal tool to use with solvents or aqueous chemistries.

Standard Features

• Di Water Cascade Rinsing
• Nitrogen Blow Off
• Ultrasonic Recirculation & Filtration
• Variable Speed Pump
• Completely Enclosed
• PLC with Touch Screen User Interface
• Automatic Lid
• Cup Sink Fill
• Stainless Steel Reservoir
• Roll Out Electrical Compartment for Easy Access
• Access Doors for Easy Filter Changes
• Secondary Fluid Containment
• Sealed, Purged & Cooled Electrical Area
• Tool Secured Access Panels

Optional Features

• CO2 Fire Suppression
• Multiple Ultrasonic Frequencies

• 40   kHz
• 72   kHz
• 104 kHz
• 170 kHz

• Customized Bath sizes
• Additional Reservoirs for multiple chemistries
• Hot DI water
• Multiple Recipes
• Parts Baskets
• Bulk Chemical Dispense

For PDF Click Here >> 300 Ultrasonic Cleaner


CLV cleaner 3

JST’s 300 CLV Cleaner and Stripping Tool is a completely self contained, dry-to-dry unit designed for cleaning and stripping wafers, optics, disk drives, flat panels and other delicate parts. Just place the product into the dry tank, process through either single or multiple chemical processes, rinse and dry all according to a pre-programmed recipe. There is no need for any operator intervention or mechanical moving parts to maintain.

Two or more primary chemistries are stored ready for use in heated and filtered reservoirs. Following the ultrasonic process cycle, a combination of ultrasonic rinse, de-ionized water spray and an overflow rinse are used to ensure all particles and chemicals are removed. The product is then dried using JST’s patented CLV drying technology. Ultra pure isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is vaporized and used for particle free drying in the closed loop system. While recycling no vapors are emitted into the atmosphere.

For PDF Click Here >> 300 CLV for Cleaning and Stripping

CLV exposed 2 Advantages

• No operator exposure to vapors
• Fully automated with no moving parts
• Ergonomic Design
• Low Cost of Ownership
• Reduced Chemical Usage
• Low IPA Usage
• Removable roll out panels for easy maintenance
• Multiple tank sizes available
• Modular design for easy component replacement
• Sealed & purged electrical compartments for safety
• CO2 Fire Suppression System
• Universl transducers that allow for multiple frequencies
• Industrial grade PLC for long term reliability and flexibility
• Touch Screen Operator Interface


• Cleaning & Drying Optics
• Cleaning & Drying Disk Drives
• Cleaning & Drying Flat Panels
• Stripping Wafers


The Process Cycle

Processing takes place in a heated, ultrasonic, cascade overflow bath constructed of 316L stainless steel and electropolished to maintain cleanliness. Ultrasonic energy is used to clean the parts. For cleaning flexibility, wide band ultrasonic transducers allow the use of multiple frequencies within the same chamber. Tank corners are coved to eliminate dead spots and improve cleanliness. Double wall construction using nondegrading insulation helps in maintaining the bath temperature and reducing noise levels. Two or more chemistries are stored in recirculated and filtered reservoirs where they are maintained in a ready state. The reservoirs control the operating temperature of the chemistry from ambient to 150 ° C .5 ° C.

The Rinse Cycle

Top sprays shower the product and the side walls of the tank to remove residue prior to the final rinse. The DI cascade introduces DI water from the bottom of the process bath gently circulating and rising until it overflows into the cascade weir. Ultrasonic activity can be used to aid in removing both the process chemistry and particulate during the rinse cycle.


An industrial grade programmable logic controller (PLC) controls the logic steps and analog control of flow, temperature and process stability. Two recipes are provided along with troubleshooting tools. A touch screen is used for operator interface for setting parameters and starting and stopping the process. Recipes use passwords to protect edit and setup modes. A process graphical display lets you keep track of the status of the cleaning cycle. Standard and network interfaces are available through a RS-232-C port where you can download or upload information to a remote PC or other computer based systems. Recipes are easily modified.

Drying Cycle

Ultra clean, isopropal alcohol (IPA) vapor is remotely generated and introduced into the sealed process chamber. The closed loop system recirculates and filters the vapor which penetrates even the smallest area and displaces the water. At the end of the IPA drying cycle, a low pressure vacuum pulls any remaining moisture from the sealed chamber and away from the product. The process chamber is then backfilled with a clean, inert gas ensuring  operators are not exposed to any process vapors.


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