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Stainless Steel Ambient Filtration Bath

This bath is designed to filter sub-micron particles and reduce chemical consumption.


abient filtered1 

JST’s Ambient Filtration bath continuously filters process chemicals in a laminar flow direction from the bottom of the bath upward over a four sided weir. The bath is designed to filter  sub-micron particles and reduce chemical consumption.

A 12 inch inline filter housing accepts a standard 10 inch dual o-ring filter cartridge allowing users to install the type of filter cartridge they need depending on chemistry pH and particle removal size required.

Available Materials 

• Natural Polypropylene
• Molded Teflon
• 316LStainless Steel

Basic Features 

• Process Timer with end of cycle alarm
• Liquid Level detection interlocked to pump
• Air Operated Drain Valve
• Dispersion Cassette Platform

Optional Features

• Manual, Hinged or Auto lid
• Dedicated drain to acid waste or carboy
• Electrical Centrifugal pump
• Auto Chemical Fill
• Auto Chemical Blending
• Pump Stroke Monitoring


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