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Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Bath

Ultrasonic Bath

JST’s ultrasonic baths are designed to make the most of your cleaning chemistry while taking advantage of the cleaning action of the sound waves. Coved corners eliminate particle traps and make tank cleaning easier. JST uses only certified, high performance alloys for maximum strength and long term durability. All standard 316L grade stainless steel tanks are electro polished and have uniform sloped bottoms to ensure complete draining. JST’s tank design eliminates particle buildup and reduces bath cross contamination, making it the ideal choice for critical cleaning of:

• Semiconductors
• Optics
• Disk Drive Components
• Flat Panel Displays
• MEMS and more

Ultrasonic transducer placement and frequency selection are critical for proper cleaning without damaging parts. All frequencies drive the same universal transducer allowing for cleaning different parts within one bath at varying frequencies.

The wafers are then sprayed with a second solvent to make sure all metal stringers that bridge the edge of the photoresist profile to the device are removed. Once this cycle is complete, the wafers are thoroughly rinsed in a clean solvent (IPA or acetone) and then dried in JST’s patented CLV Dryer, eliminating the need for a DI water rinse.

JST’s patented CLV Dryer uses pure, IPA vapor to cleanse the wafers and displace any residual rinse liquid. The dryer then pulls a vacuum to remove the vapors and the tank is backfilled with argon or nitrogen to provide a safe operator environment for wafer removal. A final DI water rinse is available if needed prior to spin drying.

Each heated ultrasonic bath is controlled by a dedicated PLC touch screen controller which uses full PID for temperature control. The controller has the ability to store and execute user defined recipes. Let JST’s application engineers help you optimize your cleaning by matching the right frequency and pattern to your specific cleaning application.

Options Available

• Heating & Control Systems to maintain .5° C.
• Filtration and Recirculation
• Work Baskets
• Mechanical Agitation
• Auto & Manual Lids
• Custom Sizes to Fit Your Product 

Frequencies Available

• 40 kHz
• 72 kHz
• 104 kHz
• 170 kHz 


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