Chemical Workstation

JST Manufacturing’s chemical workstations are designed for use as an exhausted work surface for maintenance and chemical processing. The work surface is liquid tight maintaining a dry storage area below the surface. This lower storage area is accessed with hinged doors in the front of the wet lab equipment.

These wet processing benches are constructed for ease of maintenance, flexibility and safety. A clear vertical lifting shield which is counterbalanced for easy raising and lowering, provides a barrier between the wet processing area and the clean room. We collaborate with our customers to provide the best solutions for their work needs and floor space constraints.

All of JST’s wet bench equipment is designed with safety, reliability and productivity in mind. Our wet processing benches feature a modular design that meets all Semi, CE, NFPA and OSHA requirements. Our expertise in wet bench manufacturing includes onsite plastics and metal fabrication as well as mechanical and electrical assembly. As with all JST Manufacturing manual or automatic wet benches, they are designed for ease of maintenance activities and comes with our standard 24/7 Technical Support.

Standard Features

  • Material Options:  304L Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel, FM Approved PVC-C, or White Polypropylene
  • Purged Electrical Compartments
  • Exhaust Failure Alarm
  • Emergency Power Off
  • Welded Sealed Work surface
  • Lower Storage area
  • Seismic Anchors
  • Lockout/Tagout Box
  • Clear Counterbalance face shield / sash
  • Enclosed isolated chemical work and process area
  • Lower Power LED Lighting

Optional Features Include 

  • Utility Sink with Faucet
  • Drain to Carboy (reusable or disposable)
  • HEPA Filtration Module
  • Fire Suppression (CO2 or H2O)
  • Lower Exhausted Storage Compartment
  • Lower Storage Drawers
  • Hinged Doors
  • GFCI Outlets
  • SEMI S2 Certification
  • CE Marking
  • 3rd Party Electrical Inspections
  • DI and N2 Guns

Applications for Chemical Workstation