Career Opportunities

It’s the people that make a difference at JST Manufacturing. We care about our customers, employees and the products we make. For over thirty five years our mission has been to be a global supplier of quality products that improve manufacturing processes by providing solutions that are both cost effective and safe for cleaning and handling challenges.

How do we do this?  We have built a team of highly skilled, quality conscious people who strive to produce the best product possible. Our approach is to build and maintain a corporate culture of openness and a “we can do it” attitude.

JST is vertically integrated and our team consists of skilled Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Software Engineers. All cutting is done via CNC machinery programmed by our Manufacturing Engineers that do the layout and produce the “g” code that runs the machines. All machine operators, certified TIG welders and certified Plastic Fabricators assemble the product. Machine operators include Laser Operators, Press Brake Operators, Punch Operators, Machine Operators both Mill and Lathe as well as CNC Router Operators. All assembly and testing is done by our in house plumbers and electricians.

In addition to our skilled labor force we hire purchasing, shipping, receiving, accounting, quoting and sales engineers. Benefits include a Cafeteria Plan, 401 K Plan both Roth and Traditional, flexible schedules and a generous Personal Time Off Policy. Education and training is a continual process at JST. The Cafeteria Plan provides health, dental, life and vision coverage at a low cost for the employee. Cross training is also standard policy at JST keeping employees challenged.