Chemical Dispensing Unit

Chemical Dispensing Unit

JST’s Chemical Dispensing Unit (CDU) is a proven, safe, and reliable method of dispensing chemicals to single or multiple wet benches without downtime.

  • Up to 3ea 30 or 55-gallon drums
  • Solvent CDU Material Options: dual wall 304L stainless steel or 316L stainless steel
  • Acid or Base CDU Material Options: FM-approved PVC-C or white polypropylene
  • Sealed drum loading rollers
  • Glove ports provided in acid or base units
  • Dual self-closing doors provided on solvent units
  • Exhausted dual-contained drum and pump area
  • Secondary containment with fiber optic leak detection
  • Analog non-contact load cell liquid level system
  • Designed with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with integrated color touchscreen
  • Facility dry contacts to communicate with dispensing points and valve manifold boxes
  • Seismic anchors
  • Multiple dual containment facility connection types available
  • Easily accessible, isolated pump area separate from drum area
  • Purged electrical compartments
  • Keyed, drip-free drum dispense heads and down tubes
  • Valve manifold box (external or internal)
  • DIW flush and N2 purge system
  • CO2 fire suppression system
  • Redundant pumps & filters to eliminate downtime for maintenance
  • Automated drum switching
  • Ergonomic drum cart interface
  • N2 blanket & pressure relief for supply drums to reduce evaporation and aging of chemistry.
  • Recirculation & filtration of in-cabinet chemistry during idle periods (polishing)
  • Ethernet remote communication interface
  • Locking doors
  • GEM/SECS II factory automation interface
  • Nitrogen and DI water hand spray guns
  • On-board chemical analyzer with integrated concentration control and monitoring for chemical verification
  • Day tank or reservoir
  • Blending system for premixing chemicals into a day tank before dispensing
  • SEMI S2 certification
  • CE marking
  • 3rd party electrical inspections
  • Up to 8ea dispense point connections
  • Solvent VMB Material Options: 304L stainless steel or 316L stainless steel
  • Acid or Base VMB Material Options: FM-approved PVC-C, PVDF, or white polypropylene
  • Sealed, exhausted enclosure with fiber optic leak detection
  • Manual and automated (redundant) isolation valves with lockout tag-out capability
  • Facility dry contacts or Ethernet to communicate with CDUs and wet benches
  • Multiple dual containment facility connections types available
  • Optional color touchscreen

Chemical Dispensing Unit Overview

The Chemical Dispensing Unit (CDU) provides an enclosed, dual-contained exhaust area for chemical drums or day tanks.

This chemical delivery system is available for solvents, bases, or acids. Additional options include chemical mixing, day tanks, and valve manifold boxes. The CDU holds up to three separate chemicals and dispenses them to multiple wet benches. Rollers are provided to easily load and unload drums. CDU drums provide fresh chemistry to process stations and also serve as chemical storage in the laboratory.

Acid and base chemical dispensing units include glove ports for changing drums without opening the cabinet, and isolating personnel from hazardous chemicals and fumes. Solvent cabinets are dual-wall designed and suitable for use as a flammable liquid storage cabinet. They are designed for ease of maintenance activities and come with standard 24/7 Technical Support.


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