Pass Through Cabinet

Pass Through Cabinet

JST’s Pass Through Cabinet allows technicians to isolate the cleanroom environment when transferring sensitive materials.

  • Material Options: 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, FM-approved PVC-C, or white polypropylene
  • Internal stainless steel frames for added support
  • Dual wall construction for handling or storage of flammable solvents
  • Integrated HEPA filters provide an ultra-clean environment
  • Static-eliminating de-ionizer bars provided under the HEPA filters in the storage area
  • Leg leveler
  • Seismic anchors
  • Exhaust connections
  • N2 purge
  • Interlocked and/or self-closing doors
  • Windows
  • Acid, base, or solvent chemical pass through and storage
  • Parts or materials transfer
  • Cart transfer

Pass Through Cabinet Overview

JST is dedicated to delivering secure, dependable, and practical solutions for every cleanroom setting, and the Pass Through Cabinet is no exception. The Pass Through Cabinet ensures products’ safe transfer and storage, including acid, base, or solvent chemicals. JST’s Pass Through Cabinet maintains the cleanroom environment with dual wall construction for handling or storing flammable solvents and integrated HEPA filters. Whether a stainless steel or plastic cabinet is required, JST can customize it to meet specific cleanroom conditions and product requirements.

JST’s Class 10 Applications Lab allows customers to develop processes using actual process modules, tools, and chemicals. Along with partnerships with various chemical vendors, JST collaborates and develops cleaning solutions for its customers.

JST provides a quality selection of premium Cleanroom Furniture, Cleanroom Accessories, and Cleanroom Supplies to offer the best solutions for its customers. JST’s wet bench equipment and lab furniture are designed with safety, reliability, and productivity in mind. The wet processing benches feature a modular design that meets all Semi, CE, NFPA, and OSHA requirements. All cleanroom furniture is designed to perform safely, conveniently, cleanly, and efficiently in cleanroom environments.

JST’s expertise in manufacturing wet benches, cleanroom furniture, and accessories includes onsite plastics, contract metal fabrication, and mechanical and electrical assembly. Like all JST equipment, the Pass Through Cabinet is designed for ease of maintenance activities and comes with standard 24/7 Technical Support.