Wet Bench

JST’s wet bench semiconductor process equipment is designed for surface preparation of silicon wafers, cleanroom processing, etching, or to restore large fab parts to a particle-free state.
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High Throughput

Large-volume platforms with automated multitasking abilities


Precise Control

Local data logging, concentration control, and monitoring

Minimal Footprint

The most compact yet efficient wet processing benches available


Quality Compliant

SEMI, CE, NFPA, OSHA, lab, and HVM requirements guaranteed

Unparalleled Efficiency

In-House Wet Bench Manufacturing

JST stands out in the market for its uncommon ability to fully design, configure, and service every wet bench they produce. There is no need to wait on subcontractors or disruptions in the supply chain when JST has engineering experts, state-of-the-art technology, and diverse materials all under the same roof.

Experts in wet bench manufacturing, JST’s semiconductor wet processing equipment includes high-volume automated wet benches with multitasking abilities, manual wet benches, and semi-automated systems.


Full engineering and design capabilities


Mechanical and electrical assembly


Full-scale production


24/7 service and support


Increase Return on Investment

Small Cleanroom Footprint

As a vertically-integrated, end-to-end semiconductor equipment manufacturers, JST’s wet processing equipment is some of the market’s most compact yet efficient machines.

Collaborating with clients to configure a customized chemical processing platform to suit unique facility and process needs, JST serves clients in several industries, including silicon, compound semiconductor, IoT, MEMS, and optoelectronics.

operator using chemical fume hood

Limitless Possibilities

Custom Semiconductor Wet Bench Configuration

A customized wet bench by JST can efficiently execute multiple tasks beyond etching and shaping. JST’s systems can prepare the surface of silicon wafers or restore large fab parts to a particle-free state. For complete flexibility, all JST wet benches are compatible with any process module.

Manual platforms require operators to direct the manufacturing and/or cleaning processes. Automatic models can process multiple lots with unique recipes at the same time. JST collaborates with every customer to provide competitive solutions for lab, fab, and HVM requirements, delivering outstanding quality every time.

operator using chemical fume hood
semiconductor wet process process engineers providing product support

24/7 Reliability

Wet Process Equipment Technical Support

JST is a highly knowledgeable and reliable supplier for companies and institutions looking to increase chip production on a tight schedule. After forty years of supporting semiconductor cleaning companies across the world, JST’s specialized knowledge allows them to anticipate and respond to customer needs like no one else.

All products designed and manufactured by JST come standard with 24/7 technical support.

Semiconductor Wet Process Equipment

Wet Benches

Automated Wet Benches
Manual Wet Benches

High Throughput   •   Precise Control   •   Minimal Footprint

3-Axis Compact
Overhead Linear
Rear Linear
Front Linear
Tigress XL

JST Automated Wet Bench Features

JST’s Automated Wet Benches offer nearly limitless customization, configuration flexibility, and are compatible with any of our process modules. Our wet processing equipment is designed in close collaboration with our clients to meet each fab’s unique floor space and process control requirements.

  • 25 – 300mm wafer processing and larger format processing
  • Suitable for wafer level (WLP) and panel level (PLP) wet processing
  • Flexible load and unload solutions (FOUP, SMIF, standard and low-mass carriers)
  • SECSII/GEM Compliant Factory Communication Interface
  • High throughput with multi-tasking or cascading process scheduling software
  • Precise process control with local data logging
  • Maintenance friendly modular designs
  • On-board chemical analyzer with integrated concentration control and monitoring
  • Dry to Dry configuration using JST’s IPA Dryers
3-axis compact automated wet bench technician working

3-Axis Compact Wet Bench

When managing space limitations and  demands for increased throughput, JST’s 3-Axis Compact Wet Bench is the ideal chemical processing system for bringing automation into current manual production cleanrooms.

This semi-automated system is capable of processing up to 200mm products and provides excellent results for customers who require accurate, repeatable processing results while using GaAs, InP, and other compound semiconductor substrates or silicon wafers of a smaller size. It accommodates up to 14 baths or process modules.

overhead linear automated wet bench

Overhead Linear Automated (OLA) Wet Bench

The Overhead Linear Automated (OLA) wet bench platform is the most diverse automated wet bench in the JST product lineup.

Flexible in its design configuration, it allows for customization for larger, heavier, and more awkward materials to be processed with accurate control and high throughput. Equipped with look-ahead scheduling software, a feature that allows for the processing of multiple lots with unique recipes at the same time, it can be modified to include roll-out process modules.

rear linear automated wet bench

Rear Linear Automated (RLA) Wet Bench

Designed as a low-cost option for automated chemical processing, JST’s Rear Linear Automated (RLA) Wet Bench works well with high volume production at an affordable price.

This bench allows for accurate process control, effective throughput, and production flexibility by providing multiple lot processing simultaneously with a variety of processing parameters. Equipped with front plenum mounted component access that facilitate stable, high-speed rear-mounted linear transfer of products.

front linear automated wet bench technician working

Front Linear Automated (FLA) Wet Bench

JST’s Front Linear Automated (FLA) Wet Bench features a dual-rail front linear transfer with rear-plumbing access for ease of maintenance. It has the capability to process up to 2 cassettes/50 wafers, and is designed with ergonomic front or side load/unload access for product cassettes.

Optional features include automated cassette stocking for processing and transport, de-ionizer bars under the HEPA filters for eliminating static electricity, and SEMI S2 Certification, and more.

tigress semi-automated wet bench

Tigress Automated Wet Bench

As one of JST’s industry leading automated wet benches, the Tigress wet processing platform is a compact and efficient answer to a variety of cleaning, etching, and wafer surface preparation tasks.

Designed to automate part of the cleaning, etching, and stripping process without taking up precious fab space, the automation makes for repeatable processes due to recipe control, rather than a technician configuration. This compact wet bench saves on cost by reducing floor space and lowering exhaust requirements.

tigress xl semi-automated wet becnh

Tigress XL Automated Wet Bench

The Tigress XL automated wet bench is a compact, easy to use bench. Featuring a three-bath footprint, this industry-leading system processes products up to 200mm in size.

It supports semi-automated, automated or multi-tasking operation with optional Dry to Dry processing using JST’s Marangoni type STG Combo Rinse Dryer. The compact dual-axis linear transfer provides consistent, high-speed product movement and particle-free results.

Cost Effective • Engineer Controlled • Regulatory Compliant

Chemical Fume Hood
Chemical Workstation
Spinner Hot Plate
Vertical Laminar Flow (VLF)

JST Manual Wet Bench Features

JST’s Manual Wet Benches create the ideal environment for safe, reliable, and controlled work on an exhausted work surface.

Designed to increase yield while simultaneously reduce chemical exhaust requirements, all wet benches can be fully customized for laboratory, R&D, or educational institutions, depending on individual lab space and processing criteria.

  • Designed for long life and reliability with chemical resistant shells, work surfaces and baths
  • Economical design for universities and research facilities
  • Modular design allows for processes and rinsing (etching, cleaning, stripping) on same bench
  • Easily upgradeable to meet future needs
  • Process module control uses intuitive detached touchscreen controllers with security interface
  • Ergonomically designed to meet SEMI S8 guidelines for operation and maintenance
  • Reduced exhaust usage when compared to a standard fume hood
operator using wet bench chemical fume hood

Chemical Fume Hood

JST's modular Chemical Fume Hood manual wet processing bench is designed to draw hazardous fumes away from the process technician. The fume hood encloses the entire work area and its clear lifting shield is counterbalanced and easily adjusted for raising and lowerinbg.

Applications include cleaning Lithography Photo-Bowls, EPI Foreline Tubes, Quartz ware, and many more miscellaneous parts. This chemical fume hood ensures a safe, particle-free environment for operators working with volatile chemistries.

chemical workstation

Chemical Workstation

JST's chemical workstation is designed for use as an exhausted work surface for maintenance and chemical processing.

The work surface is liquid-tight, maintaining a dry storage area below the surface. The lower storage area is accessed with hinged doors in the front of the workstation. A clear vertical lifting shield, which is counterbalanced for easy raising and lowering, provides a barrier between the wet processing area and the operator. It regulates air flow and guides hazardous chemicals through the rear exhaust plenum ensuring a safe environment.


Spinner Hot Plate

JST's Spinner Hot Plate is designed for integrating photoresist spinners, developers, and baking hotplates. Its shell includes an additional welded-in deck and spacious lower support area and is designed for ease of use, service, and meets SEMI ergonomic requirements, allowing the most efficient operator activities for a chemical bench.

Features Drip Tray with Leak Detection and Touchscreen Controllers.


Vertical Laminar Flow (VLF)

Compatible with any JST process module, the Vertical Laminar Flow Wet Bench is designed for processing wafers up to 200mm. The unique exhaust design pulls laminar air evenly across the work surface maintaining the same clean laminar air inside the work area as in the clean room.

Designed with productivity in mind, the VLF meets all SEMI ergonomic requirements allowing the most efficient operator activities for a chemical bench. Optional features include SEMI S2 Certification, Fire Suppression, Rear Access Compartment, and more.