Wet Bench

Wet Bench Semiconductor Process Equipment

The wet bench experts at JST Manufacturing provide a diverse portfolio of innovative and specialized semiconductor process equipment for the silicon, compound semiconductor, IoT, MEMS and opto-electronics manufacturers. We design modular wet process equipment that allow easy access to process and maintenance areas, and our expertise in wet bench manufacturing includes onsite plastics and metal fabrication as well as mechanical and electrical assembly. We collaborate with our customers to provide best solutions for lab , fab and HVM requirements, which incorporate reduced chemical usage, reduced footprint and efficient automation for improved throughput to provide the maximum return on investment for semiconductor cleaning companies.

Wet Bench Types

JST’s manual wet processing benches are ideal for universities, labs and lower volume fab cleaning requirements. Our automated benches are true workhorses when increased yield, throughput, reduced footprint, reduced chemical usage and fab safety are required. Based on your needs we offer a variety of automated solutions from cost effective semi-automated to our high volume, full feature, multi-tasking automated benches.

Automated Wet Bench

JST’s automated chemical benches provide incredible configuration flexibility, as well as tight process control. Our wet processing equipment is designed in close collaboration with our customers to meet each fab’s floor space and process control requirements.

JST’s lineup of semiconductor benches offer the most flexibility in the market place
Benefits of Automated Wet Benches
  • 25 – 300mm Wafer processing and larger format processing
  • Suitable for wafer level (WLP) and panel level (PLP) wet processing
  • Flexible load and unload solutions (FOUP, SMIF, standard and low-mass carriers)
  • SECSII/GEM Compliant Factory Communication Interface
  • High throughput with multi-tasking or cascading process scheduling software
  • Precise process control with local data logging
  • Maintenance friendly modular designs
  • On-board chemical analyzer with integrated concentration control and monitoring for reduced chemical usage.
  • Dry to Dry configuration using JST’s IPA Dryers

Manual Wet Bench

JST’s manual wet processing benches are the perfect design for use as an exhausted work surface for wet laboratory, R&D and parts cleaning equipment applications.

Designed for ease of use and service, JST offers multiple types of manual wet chemical benches.
Benefits of Manual Wet Benches
  • Designed for long life and reliability with chemical resistant shells, work surfaces and baths
  • Modular design allows for process and rinse tanks used for etching, cleaning and stripping in same bench
  • Process module control provided using intuitive standalone touchscreen controllers with built in security interface
  • Easily upgradeable to meet future needs
  • Ergonomically designed to meet SEMI S8 guidelines for operation and maintenance with a small footprint
  • Reduced exhaust usage when compared to a standard fumehood
  • Economical design for universities and research facilities