Vapor Degreaser

Vapor Degreaser

JST offers the Vapor Degreaser wet bench as a semi-automated solution for cleaning critical parts and applications using flammable solvent vapor.

  • Material Options: 304L stainless steel with 316L stainless steel wetted components
  • Vapor-condensing collar to minimize evaporation and chemical usage
  • Automated chamber lid
  • Explosion-proof, servo motor driven, vertical product automation
  • Removable panels on the front, side, or rear of the parts cleaner for easy maintenance access
  • Designed with a programmable logic controller (PLC) in addition to a color touchscreen that control the entire wet bench
  • Purged electrical compartments
  • Explosion-proof rated components in cleaning process area
  • Exhaust failure alarm
  • Welded sealed secondary containment
  • Seismic anchors
  • Ergonomically designed load/unload port with safety light curtain
  • Enclosed isolated chemical work and process area
  • Low Power explosion-proof LED Lighting
  • CO2 fire suppression
  • Customizable product fixtures and baskets
  • Multiple process chambers
  • External Chemical Dispense Cart fill and Chemical Waste Pump Cart
  • Bulk chemical fill interface
  • Rear access compartment
  • Drain to carboy (reusable or disposable)
  • GEM/SECSII factory automation interface
  • Ergonomically mounted 23″ color touchscreen monitor with JST’s GENII software
  • Local data logging of all process parameters and lot tracking stored on the PC’s hard drive
  • Auto load/unload door
  • SEMI S2 Certification
  • CE Marking
  • 3rd Party Electrical Inspections

Vapor Degreaser Overview

JST’s Vapor Degreaser is a Semi-Automated Wet Bench designed for critical cleaning or de-greasing applications using flammable solvent vapor. This system combines JST’s knowledge of flammable solvent equipment design with their automation expertise. JST’s parts de-greaser is designed to provide a safe and convenient solution to solvent vapor de-greasing applications.

JST developed the parts de-greaser to automatically locate semiconductor parts in an optimum position so that condensed IPA vapor can be dispensed for cleaning. After the IPA vapor has cleaned the parts, the degreaser automatically moves them into an area where they can be dried. JST designed this wet bench with a vapor-condensing collar, which conserves chemicals and minimizes evaporation. The vapor-condensing collar allows this system to support higher return on investment for customers.

The Vapor Degreaser Parts Cleaner is equipped with an enclosed isolated chemical work and process area for technician safety and control. As with all JST wet benches, this product is designed for ease of maintenance activities and comes with our standard 24/7 Technical Support.