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Worldwide Support

Brian Thomas - USA

West Coast Sales & Support Representative

Sam Bertagnolli - USA

Midwest Sales and Support Representative

John Greener - USA

East Coast Sales and Support Representative

UK & Ireland

Sales Representative

EMP - Europe

Sales Representatives


Sales Representative


Sales Representative

Brian Thomas

West Coast Sales & Support Representative

Country: USA | Region: West

Sam Bergtagnolli

Midwest Sales & Support Representative

Country: USA | Region: Midwest

John Greener

East Coast Sales & Support Representative

Country: USA | Region: East

European Market Partner B.V.

Constantijn van Eys

Sales Representative

Countries: Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands

Michael Eckel

Sales Representative

Countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenia

Xavier Torres-Tuset

Sales Representative

Country: France

Moshe Gabai

Sales & Support Representative

Country: Israel

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It’s our people that make the difference at JST Manufacturing. The company’s success over the last 40 years has been built by a highly skilled, quality-conscious workforce who are motivated to build and innovate while maintaining a culture of openness and optimism.

In addition to skilled labor, JST also hires for roles in purchasing, shipping, receiving, accounting, quoting, sales, and engineering.

24/7 Service

Customer Support

With every product sale comes 27/4 access to 1st-level technical support throughout the life of the system. If a repair requires on-site troubleshooting, we offer our customers local service calls no matter where they are located.

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