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It’s our people that make the difference at JST Manufacturing. The company’s success over the last 40 years has been built by a highly skilled, quality-conscious workforce who are motivated to build and innovate while maintaining a culture of openness and optimism.

In addition to skilled labor, JST also hires for roles in purchasing, shipping, receiving, accounting, quoting, sales, and engineering.

Worldwide Support

Brian Thomas - USA

West Coast Sales & Support Representative

Sam Bertagnolli - USA

Midwest Sales and Support Representative

John Greener - USA

East Coast Sales and Support Representative

UK & Ireland

Sales Representative

EMP - Europe

Sales Representatives


Sales Representative


Sales Representative

Brian Thomas

West Coast Sales & Support Representative

Country: USA | Region: West

Sam Bertagnolli

Midwest Sales & Support Representative

Country: USA | Region: Midwest

John Greener

East Coast Sales & Support Representative

Country: USA | Region: East

European Market Partner B.V.

Constantijn van Eys

Sales Representative

Countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Replic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,  and Turkey.

Kievitsven 26
5249 JJ Rosmalen
The Netherlands

Moshe Gabai

Sales & Support Representative

Country: Israel

24/7 Service

Customer Support

With every product sale comes 27/4 access to 1st-level technical support throughout the life of the system. If a repair requires on-site troubleshooting, we offer our customers local service calls no matter where they are located.

(800) 872-0391

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