Manual Wet Bench

JST Manual Wet Bench lineup features modular designs that meet custom specifications and all Semi, CE, NFPA, and OSHA requirements.

Fully Customizable and Completely Configurable
Manual Wet Benches

JST designs, manufactures, and services customizes manual wet processing equipment that consumes a small cleanroom footprint and generates high-throughput results.

JST’s commitment to producing safe and durable wet benches continues to expand as the company fulfills a growing demand for semiconductor cleaning and chemical processing systems. After 40 years of innovative engineering and client collaboration, JST has implemented standards of excellence that improve ROI. Every wet bench is designed to meet custom specifications, making JST equipment ideal for wet laboratory, R&D, and parts-cleaning equipment applications.

One of the significant benefits of JST’s selection of manual platforms is that their configurations can be fully customized. Our wet processing benches feature a modular design that meets all Semi, CE, NFPA and OSHA requirements. They are designed for reliability and longevity with chemical resistant shells, work surfaces, and baths. Due to their economical design, JST’s manual wet benches are an ideal choice for universities and research facilities.

These customizable platforms are designed and assembled at JST’s facility in Meridian, Idaho. The 60k square-foot space is equipped with equipment to address all aspects of mechanical and electrical assembly, as well as plastics and metal fabrication. With over 40 years of experience as a semiconductor wet bench manufacturer, JST’s expert workforce oversees quality control at all points of production. Beyond standard equipment, JST’s resources allow the company to fulfill customized wet bench orders for all purposes, materials, and environments.


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JST Wet Benches

Manual Wet Benches

Process acids, bases, solvents, or a combination of chemistries on a manual wet processing machine to produce consistently outstanding results.

Chemical Fume Hood
Chemical Workstation
Spinner Hot Plate
Vertical Laminar Flow
operator using wet bench chemical fume hood

Chemical Fume Hood

Modular Chemical Fumehood manual wet processing bench is designed to draw hazardous fumes away from the process technician. The Fumehood encloses the entire work area and its clear lifting shield is counterbalanced and easily adjusted for raising and lowerinbg. Applications include cleaning Lithography Photo-Bowls, EPI Foreline Tubes, Quartz ware, and many more miscellaneous parts. This Fumehood ensures a safe, particle-free environment for operators working with volatile chemistries.

Optional features include Onboard Chemical Neutralization, HEPA Filtration Module, ergonomic Control Columns, and more.

chemical workstation

Chemical Workstation

JST Manufacturing’s chemical workstations are designed for use as an exhausted work surface for maintenance and chemical processing. The work surface is liquid-tight, maintaining a dry storage area below the surface. This lower storage area is accessed with hinged doors in the front of the workstation. A clear vertical lifting shield, which is counterbalanced for easy raising and lowering, provides a barrier between the wet processing area and the operator. The Workstation regulates air flow and guides hazardous chemicals through the rear exhaust plenum to ensure a safe work environment. These wet processing benches are constructed for ease of maintenance, flexibility, and safety.

Optional features include a utility sink with faucet, lower exhausted storage compartment, and more.


Spinner Hot Plate

Designed for integrating photoresist spinners, developers, and baking hotplates. Similar to the VLF design, the Spinner Hot Plate shell includes an additional welded-in deck and spacious lower support area. JST’s SHP Wet Benches are designed for ease of use, service, and meet Semi-ergonomic requirements. allowing the most efficient operator activities for a chemical bench. Features Drip Tray with Leak Detection and Touchscreen Controllers.

Optional features include Beaker Dry Rack, Bottle Holders, LED lights, and more.


Vertical Laminar Flow (VLF)

Compatible with any JST process module, the VLF wet bench is designed for processing wafers up to 200mm in size. The unique exhaust design pulls laminar air evenly across the work surface maintaining the same clean laminar air inside the work area as in the clean room. The VLF was designed with productivity in mind and meets all SEMI ergonomic requirements allowing the most efficient operator activities for a chemical bench

Optional features include SEMI S2 Certification, Fire Suppression, Rear Access Compartment, and more.

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