Medical Clean Room Equipment

JST designs medical clean room equipment to meet rigorous wet bench needs for the medical industry.  With multiple platforms available, we offer wet benches, driers, and custom equipment for a variety of product sizes. Our equipment is designed with safety in mind for use with acids, bases, solvents, or combination of chemistries, while providing an ergonomic work environment.

With close to 40 years of business experience as a wet bench manufacturer, our in-house engineering and manufacturing allows us to control quality at all points of production.  Our capabilities for designing medical clean room equipment enables us to make customized work stations for unique sized substrates and environments in addition to our standard wet bench product lines.

Automated or Manual Medical Clean Room Equipment

JST’s manual clean room equipment is ideal for universities, labs, and lower volume manufacturing requirements.  Our automated clean room equipment are true workhorses when considering increased yield, throughput, reduced footprint, reduced chemical usage and safety. Taking a collaborative approach with our customers allows us to offer a variety of cost effective solutions for high volume manufacturing.

Automated Wet Bench

JST’s automated chemical wet benches provide configuration flexibility, as well as tight process control. Our wet processing equipment is designed in close collaboration with our customers to meet each fab’s floor space and process control requirements.


Manual Wet Bench

JST’s manual wet processing benches are the perfect design for use as an exhausted work surface for wet laboratory, R&D and parts cleaning equipment applications.


Designed for ease of use and service, JST offers multiple types of manual wet chemical benches.


Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

JST’s Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Wet Benches are a self-contained, automated, compact units designed for critical cleaning of parts. 


JST’s Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners are designed for precision parts cleaning using ultrasonic agitation. These cleaners can be configured for use with flammable solvents and aqueous chemistries.  Process capabilities include heating, over-flow recirculation, multiple chemistries, DIW rinsing, and drying.