Automated Wet Bench

Fully automated and semi-automated wet benches that accommodate a variety of small to large-sized materials or wafers.

The Automated Wet Bench: Consistently Efficient Results

JST designs, manufactures, and services custom automated wet processing equipment that generates high-throughput and repeatable results with multi-tasking or cascading process scheduling software.

Automated wet benches are configured with look-ahead scheduling software. This feature allows process technicians to process multiple lots with unique recipes simultaneously. By improving throughput, this multitasking capability saves time and floor space. In addition, these platforms can be configured to include an onboard chemical analyzer with integrated concentration control to monitor and reduce chemical usage. Each of JST’s systems supports dry-to-dry configuration with JST’s IPA Dryers.

JST collaborates with customers to configure custom automated wet processing systems that meet unique floor space and process control requirements. The company offers multiple operational platforms for its automated wet bench product lines. For fully customized configurations, JST also specializes in designing and manufacturing manual wet benches.

These customizable platforms are designed and assembled at JST’s facility in Meridian, Idaho. The 60k square-foot space is equipped with equipment to address all aspects of mechanical and electrical assembly, as well as plastics and metal fabrication. With over 40 years of experience as semiconductor equipment manufacturers, JST’s expert workforce oversees quality control at all production points. Beyond standard equipment, JST’s resources allow the company to fulfill customized wet bench orders for all purposes, materials, and environments.


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JST Wet Benches

Automated Wet Benches

Process acids, bases, solvents, or a combination of chemistries on a fully automated or semi-automated wet bench. Lab technicians load the cassettes and allow the wet processing machine to produce consistently outstanding results.

Front Linear
Rear Linear
Tigress XL
3-Axis Compact
Overhead Linear

Front Linear Automated (FLA) Wet Bench

JST’s Front Linear Automated (FLA) Wet Bench features a dual-rail front linear transfer with rear-plumbing access for ease of maintenance. The FLA has the capability to process up to 2 cassettes/50 wafers.

The FLA Wet Bench is designed with ergonomic front or side load/unload access for product cassettes. Optional features include automated cassette stocking for processing and transport, de-ionizer bars under the HEPA filters for eliminating static electricity, and SEMI S2 Certification, among others.


Rear Linear Automated (RLA) Wet Bench

Designed as a low-cost option for automated chemical processing, JST’s Rear Linear Automated (RLA) Wet Bench works well with high volume production at an affordable price. This chemical wet bench allows for accurate process control, effective throughput, and production flexibility by providing multiple lot processing simultaneously with a variety of processing parameters.

The RLA wet bench is equipped with front plenum mounted component access that facilitate stable, high-speed rear-mounted linear transfer of product. Optional features include GEM/SECII Factory Automation Interface, Pre- and Post-Wafer scanner with cross-slot detection, and more. The RLA is compatible with any JST process module.


Tigress Automated Wet Bench

As one of JST’s industry leading automated wet benches, the Tigress wet processing platform is a compact and efficient answer to a variety of cleaning, etching, and wafer surface preparation tasks. The Tigress was designed to automate part of the cleaning, etching, and stripping process without taking up precious fab space. The automation makes the process more repeatable due to recipe control, rather than a technician.

This compact wet bench saves on cost by reducing floor space and lowering exhaust requirements in the customer’s facility. The Tigress supports semi-automated operation with optional Dry to Dry processing using JST’s Marangoni or STG Combo Rinse Dryer.


Tigress XL Automated Wet Bench

The Tigress XL automated wet Bench is another compact, easy to use chemical wet bench from JST’s automation lineup. Featuring a three-bath footprint, this industry-leading system processes products up to 200mm in size. The Tigress XL supports semi-automated, automated or multi-tasking operation with optional Dry to Dry processing using JST’s Marangoni type STG Combo Rinse Dryer.

The Tigress XL compact dual-axis linear transfer provides consistent, high-speed product movement and particle-free results.

3-Axis Compact Wet Bench Product

3-Axis Compact Wet Bench

For customers managing space limitations and a demand for increased throughput, JST’s 3-Axis is the ideal chemical processing system for bringing automation into current manual production cleanrooms. This semi-automated system is capable of processing up to 200mm products. This platform provides excellent results for customers who require accurate, repeatable processing results while using GaAs, InP, and other compound semiconductor substrates or silicon wafers of a smaller size.

The 3-Axis Compact automated wet bench safely supports the combination of processing acids, bases, and solvents in the same wet bench and can accommodate up to 14 baths or process modules in the wet bench.


Overhead Linear Automated (OLA) Wet Bench

The Overhead Linear Automated (OLA) wet bench platform is the most diverse automated wet bench in the JST product lineup. Flexible in its design configuration, the OLA wet bench allows for this chemical wet bench to be customized for larger, heavier and more awkward materials to be processed with accurate control, high throughput and production flexibility.

The OLA wet bench is equipped with look-ahead scheduling software, a feature that allows for the processing of multiple lots with unique recipes at the same time. For ease of maintenance, the platform can be modified to include roll-out process modules. Optional features include Dry-to-Dry configuration with the JST IPA Dryers.

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