Quick Dump Rinser

Quick Dump Rinser

JST’s Quick Dump Rinser (QDR) process module quickly removes chemicals from substrates using DI water.

  • Material Options: natural polypropylene, PVDF, PFA, or 316L stainless steel
  • PLC controlled with color touchscreen
  • Programmable times for overflow, dump/drain, and top spray on/off
  • Programmable modes available for QDR, cascade rinse, and spray only
  • Anti-bacterial air operated valves
  • Adjustable top spray intensity and flow rate
  • Automatic self-cleaning cycles
  • Full liquid level detection
  • High purity Teflon DIW plumbing
  • Self-closing pneumatic dump valve
  • Customizable to fit product

Quick Dump Rinser Overview

JST’s Quick Dump Rinser (QDR) quickly removes chemicals from substrates using DI water. It is designed to reduce particles and water usage while removing chemicals quickly. This system includes comes with recipe-programmable overflow rinse, top spray, and drain/dumping capabilities. DI water enters the bottom of the bath via sparger bars which provide a sweeping action before flowing up across the product. This upward flow lifts the particles and chemicals away from the product and over the four-sided overflow weir. After the programmable overflow cycle, the bottom dump door opens and drains the rinse water quickly. During the dump cycle, top-mounted sprays keep the product wet with fresh, clean DI water. The programmable recipe can repeat this cycle until the product is rinsed.

A touch screen PLC offers flexibility in creating specific rinsing routines and has the ability to set the number of rinse and dump cycles. Timers are included for programming high-flow cascade cycle times. An automatic self-cleaning cycle flushes and purges the quick dump plumbing valves and DI water manifold to eliminate bacterial growth.

As with all JST process modules, the Quick Dump Rinser comes with JST’s standard 24/7 Technical Support.