IPA Dryers

JST provides two styles of IPA dryers for your solvent drying equipment needs: a Closed Loop Vapor (CLV) IPA Vapor Dryer and also a Surface Tension Gradient (STG) Dryer that utilizes the Marangoni Dryer principle. Both wafer drying options offer the best in Dry to Dry technology when installed in a JST Wet Bench. These dryers are designed with safety, reliability and productivity in mind. As with all JST products, they are designed for ease of maintenance activities and come with our standard 24/7 Technical Support.

IPA Dryer Styles

Closed Loop Vapor (CLV) Dryer


The CLV is a patented ultra clean IPA Drying technology designed and built to provide optimal wafer drying performance.  It is available as a standalone system or integrated into a wet bench. The closed loop process provides low particle drying for blind holes, vias, and high aspect ratios while reducing IPA usage and emissions.

Surface Tension Gradient (STG) Dryer (Marangoni Dryer)


JST’s STG Dryer is capable of IPA Vapor Drying and DI Water Quick Dump Rinsing (QDR) substrates in a single chamber.  It is available as a standalone system or integrated into a wet bench.  Utilizing the Marangoni Dryer Principle, the STG dryer provides the lowest particle drying of hydrophobic or hydrophilic wafers with the least IPA usage and emissions.