Process Cassettes

JST’s Process Cassettes are built to provide improvements in specialized applications where standard off the shelf cassettes are not available.  Customizable features allow for increased chemical flow-through dynamics in the cassettes while reducing liquid and material trap points. JST’s in-house design team collaborates with our customers to develop and manufacture specialized cassettes without the tooling, proto type, and minimum order costs associated with mold manufacturing.

Customizable Features

  • Material Options:  PFA Teflon, PTFE Teflon, ECTFE Halar, PVDF, 304L Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel, or Natural Polypropylene
  • Product size & shape
  • Substrate spacing/pitch
  • Substrate contact points
  • Side opening profiles
  • Substrate orientation
  • Mixed substrate sizes
  • Equipment automation features
  • Cassette handling features
  • Detachable handles


  • Metal Lift Off
  • Electroless Plating
  • Uniform Etching
  • Minimize 1st Wafer effects
  • Improved DIW Rinsing
  • Improved Drying
  • Wide Slot for warped substrates
  • Custom Equipment Automation