Contract Manufacturing

With our new updated manufacturing facility, JST can provide contract manufacturing of custom metal fabrication with stainless steel, specialized alloys, or a variety of plastic materials. Fully integrated with over 60,000 square feet, our manufacturing facility is fitted with real time barcoded shop flow control system for scheduling, parts traceability, cost control, ISO compliant quality control, and inventory parts management. Our full time staff of CNC Programmers utilizes enhanced 3D CAD CAM software to create CNC code from customer files or drawings. A redundant set of CNC manufacturing equipment allows for alternate manufacturing flows as well as 24 hour operation. 

JST specializes in both plastic and stainless steel sheet metal fabrication, which is performed in an isolated, filtered air environment to insure cleanliness. All welding is certified to American Welding Society standards. 

JST utilizes our Class 100 clean room for cleaning and packaging of critical parts. JST also has an international crating program for quick delivery when WPM certification is required. 

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Contract Manufacturing Processes

  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Aluminum Fabrication
  • Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Sheet Metal Manufacturing
  • Specialized alloy manufacturing including Hastelloy® C76, Monel® 600, and others
  • Plastic manufacturing capabilities include fabrication of polypropylene, PVC, FM4910 listed plastics, and exotic plastics such as PVDF, Halar®, and Teflon®
  • Specialized Machining of metals and plastics
  • Post Machining ultrasonic cleaning and class 100 cleanroom packaging
  • Class 10,00 Clean Room Weld Booth for Welding High Purity Plastics such as 940HP  Plus Teflon
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine for quality assurance
  • Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS elemental analysis
  • Manufacturing, Design Engineering and Consulting  with material selection assistance
  • Prototyping Services and Reverse Engineering

Equipment Capacity / Capability

  • Laser Cutting of metal parts up to 10FT in length, 5FT in width and materials up to 5/8” thick
  • Plastic Sheet Routing Machine travels up to 121”x61”x24” (xyz)
  • Vertical Milling Machines with Travels up to 40”x26”x25” (xyz) for multi-axis 3D Machining of Metal and Plastic materials
  • Lathe Turning Machines featuring Live Tooling with 10” Chuck Capacity, 21” Max Cutting Diameter, up to 48” of Z-axis travel, and automated bar-feeding for large quantity run
  • Metal Tube bending up to 2” Diameter
  • 170 Ton Press Brake with CNC back gauges for bending of sheet metal parts up to 10ft wide at 1/8” thickness and smaller parts up to ½” thick
  • Plastic Sheet Sawing of materials up to 12ft wide and 2” thick
  • Horizontal Band Sawing with miter head for Round and Square Bar and Tube Sawing of up to 10” diameter
  • Automated Orbital Welding up to 2” Diameter Process Piping
  • Tig and Mig Welding up to 1” Plate
  • Plastic Welding up to 1” Sheet Stock
  • Thermo Bending up to ½” Sheet Stock