Keeping Semiconductor Production on Track

written by: JST Manufacturing
August 12, 2020

For semiconductor manufacturers, compound semiconductor manufacturers, raw wafer material suppliers, and R&D labs, utilizing wet process cleaning equipment efficiently is critical when it comes to producing extremely reliable products.

As a result, partnering with a vendor with deep expertise in all aspects of the process – from equipment selection, design specification, testing, and installation/hook up – can be critical to success.

In such fabrication, “cleaning” refers to the etching process used, which precisely removes thin layers of material. In other applications, cleaning can also refer to the use of agents such as solvents, acids or bases to remove unwanted particulates and other contaminates such as photoresist.

The cleaning process may involve moving product into extremely hot chemical baths of acids, bases, or flammable solvents, so consulting with an expert can improve safety and ergonomics. It often requires selecting the most appropriate options from a number of technologies that may involve various chemistries, temperature controls, chemical baths/dips, ergonomic designs, as well as cleaning, filtration, ventilation, safety, and disposal technologies.

It may also involve automating/upgrading the cleaning process for high-volume production. If the process takes place in a cleanroom, then the entire system including motors and robotics must be appropriate for that environment.

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Credit: Article originally appeared in New Electronics Magazine on August 12, 2020


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