Maximize the Benefits of Automated Cleaning Tools

written by: JST Manufacturing
April 6, 2020

A wide range of wet process equipment automation exists that can flexibly accommodate specific cleaning requirements.

To meet application-specific requirements, design engineers in industries that manufacture sensitive components often need more flexibility than standard options allow for automating wet process cleaning equipment.

These specialized components can range from chips, wafers, semiconductors and electronic devices to the specialized optics for world-class lasers. In fact, the more complex the equipment, the greater the need becomes for more advanced adaptable cleaning options.

Cleaning, an integral part of many manufacturing and maintenance processes, is often critical to the performance of a broad range of technologies and refers to the use of agents such as solvents, acids or bases to remove unwanted particulates and other contaminates. It also refers to the etching process utilized in semiconductor fabrication, where the “cleaning” is the precision removal of thin layers of material.

Fortunately, a wide range of wet process equipment automation now exists that can more flexibly accommodate specific cleaning requirements. Modifying these automated cleaning tools to fit the application can cost-effectively enhance process repeatability, throughput, and safety. In many cases, only minor editing to the standard equipment is all that is necessary.

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Credit: Article originally appeared in Engineering Live Magazine on August 6, 2020


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