Megasonic Bath

JST’s Megasonic Baths provide a high level of cleaning performance by applying high frequency energy (greater than 700 kHz) to effectively remove submicron particles via acoustic cavitation. The high frequency energy and cavitation reduces the boundary layer between the fluid and the surface of the part resulting in fine particle removal. JST’s baths are designed to provide continuous megasonic energy across the full width and depth for continuous full coverage.

Elevated temperature can also help lower the chemistry’s surface tension, improving substrate cleaning. JST offers heated, ambient, static, or recirculated megasonic baths and Quick Dump Rinsers, giving customers the ability to fine tune their processes.

Standard Features

  • Material options: Quartz, PVDF, PFA, NPP or 316L Stainless Steel
  • Indirect megasonic agitation using water boundary layer (Quartz material only)
  • Direct megasonic agitation using PFA coated or electropolished stainless steel transducer
  • PLC controlled with color touchscreen
  • Programmable power and process time
  • Full liquid level detection
  • Teflon air operated automatic drain valve
  • Coved corners to eliminate particle traps
  • Sealed N2 purged transducer enclosure
  • Customizable to fit product

Optional Features

  • Heating & Control Systems to maintain +/- 1° C.
  • 4 sided overflow Filtration and Recirculation
  • Customizable Product racks, fixtures, or carriers
  • Mechanical Agitation
  • Automated or manual lid
  • Solvent, Acid or Base processing capability
  • Installation into JST’s Manual or Automated Wet Benches.