Automated Box Washer

JST’s Automated Box Washer is a self-contained unit for cleaning and drying of substrate handling cassettes and boxes for semiconductor wafers or disk drive components. Items to be cleaned are placed onto racks and loaded into the washer’s process chamber for the cleaning, rinsing and drying cycle. As with all JST wet benches, they are designed for ease of maintenance activities and come with our standard 24/7 Technical Support.

Standard Features

  • Material Options:  304L Stainless Steel with 316L Stainless Steel cleaning chamber
  • Designed with a programmable logic controller (PLC) in addition to a color touchscreen that control the entire unit
  • Exhaust Monitor Failure Alarm
  • Rotating top and bottom DIW spray bars
  • Static side DIW and N2 Spray Bars
  • Recirculating heated HEPA Filtered drying system
  • On demand hot DIW heater
  • Surfactant reservoir metered dispense
  • Purged Electrical Compartments
  • Emergency Power Off
  • Seismic anchors
  • Welded Sealed Secondary Containment
  • Hinged counterbalanced interlocked door with ergonomic product load/unload
  • Integrated recirculation of cleaning chemistry

Optional Features 

  • Customizable product racks
  • Flexible Chamber Sizing
  • ECTFE Coated Chamber
  • Multiple surfactant Supply Reservoirs
  • In-line chemical filtration
  • Ergonomically mounted 23” Color Touchscreen Monitor with  JST’s GENII Software
  • Local data logging of all process parameters and lot tracking stored on the PC’s hard drive
  • GEM II / SECS Communications
  • Additional IR Heater to reduce dry time
  • SEMI S2 Certification
  • CE Marking
  • 3rd Party Electrical Inspections

Washing Applications

  • Lead Frames
  • Cassettes
  • FOUPs
  • FOSB
  • SMIF Pods
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Single Wafer Cassettes
  • Lab ware