Tigress Automated Wet Bench

As one of JST’s industry leading automated wet benches, the Tigress provides advanced automation in a compact footprint at a competitive price.  Its unique design isolates the automation from the process area for ultraclean results.  This compact wet bench saves on facility cost by reducing floor space and lowering the exhaust requirements providing a lower cost of ownership. 

The Tigress supports semi-automated operation with optional Dry to Dry processing using JST’s Marangoni or STG Combo Rinse Dryer.  As with all JST wet benches, they are designed for ease of maintenance activities and comes with our standard 24/7 Technical Support.

Standard Features

  • Up to 200mm product size processing capable
  • Material Options:  304L Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel, FM Approved PVC-C, or White Polypropylene
  • Internal Stainless Steel frames isolated from process chemistry
  • Industry Leading compact footprint
  • Designed with a programmable logic controller (PLC) in addition to an industrial PC that controls the entire wet bench
  • Slide out panels for electrical component and transfer system front maintenance access
  • Local data logging of all process parameters and lot tracking stored on the PC’s hard drive
  • Ergonomically mounted 23” Color Touchscreen Monitor, with  JST GENII Software
  • Ergonomically designed front load/unload access for product cassettes
  • Semi-Automated operation platform
  • Compact dual axis Linear Transfer provides stable high speed product movement
  • Front access maintenance with easy lift-off front roll panel
  • Recessed bath design pulls chemical fumes through the exhausted dual containment plenum
  • Compatible with any JST chemical or rinse process modules

Optional Features 

  • Dual Automation platforms for increased throughput
  • Rear access maintenance area provides dual containment for reservoirs, pumps, filters, and plumbing
  • GEM/SECSII Factory Automation Interface
  • CO2 Fire Suppression System
  • Nitrogen and DI Water Hand Spray Guns
  • On-board chemical analyzer with integrated concentration control and monitoring for reduced chemical usage
  • Dry to Dry configuration using JST’s IPA Dryers
  • SEMI S2 Certification
  • CE Marking
  • 3rd Party Electrical Inspections

Applications for Tigress Automated Wet Bench