Manual Wet Processing Bench

JST has the chemical wet processing bench to meet any requirement from lab materials, to whole wafers and pieces, to large fab parts that require cleaning or wet chemical processing. All of JST’s wet lab equipment is designed with safety, reliability and productivity in mind. Our wet processing benches feature a modular design that meets all Semi, CE, NFPA and OSHA requirements. And if service is required, JST offers 24/7 Technical Support for the life of your system.

Manual Wet Processing Bench Options

Vertical Laminar Flow (VLF)

Modular chemical bench designed for manual processing up to 200mm wafers. Ergonomically designed to maximize operator efficiency. These wet processing benches are certified to meet ventilation requirements thru ASHRAE testing.

Chemical Fumehood


Modular chemical fumehood manual wet processing bench designed to provide an operator safe environment when working with volatile chemistries. The fumehood encloses the entire work area. The clear lifting shield is counterbalanced for easy raising and lowering.

Spinner Hot Plate Manual

Designed for integrating photoresist spinners, developers, and baking hotplates. The Spinner/Hotplate shell is similar to the VLF design but includes a welded in deck and lower exhausted support area. This allows for easy access to Spinner components.

Chemical Workstation Manual


The Chemical Workstations are designed to be used in multi-purpose applications as a laboratory work area with hazardous chemicals that must be exhausted. A chemical workstation is the simplest shell and consists of an exhausted work surface and counter balanced face shield.